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Autumn Term Sport Events - 2018/2019

This year our school sports leaders have been taking an important school role in school sport.  Sport and P.E is such an important part of our life at school and all children are involved in so many ways.  To keep you updated about some of the things going on in school, our sports leaders have created this new sports page for our website which will detail some of our events and achievements.  So far this year, they have been busy interviewing people about some of the different events and achievements.   I have been delighted with the confidence and independence shown by our sports leaders so far and would like to thank them for all of their dedication in promoting and supporting school in this way.   Please enjoy reading their reports below.

Mr D Kennedy


 Xander, Hazel, Daisy and Thea


CC Aughton Sports Newsletter

Hello. Welcome to the brand new sports area for Aughton Christ Church C of E Primary School. In our school we love to play sport and this year we have started to have active break to improve our running skills and to keep fit and healthy.

We have been to many events over the last term and we were very lucky to catch the year sixes who were involved in the some fantastic events: Football league and Composite relay. We chatted to them in an interview and they told us all about what occurred during the heat of the events.


Football Team: Alfie, Xander, Oliver, Ellis, Oliver, Harry, Lucas, Caleb.

We spoke to the team captain, Alfie, about what it was like during the event.

Alfie - “It was really great to compete for my school in the football tournament and even better to be captaining my team. We worked really well together and even though it was tough at times we persevered to get through them and try and win.   

Composite Relay


Composite relay team: Thea, Ellen, Lyla, Sophie, Sarah, Mina, Penny, Xander, Oliver, Lucas, William, Lucas, Lucas, Alistair, Kody.

We spoke to the 3 medal winning team leaders about the relay and what they enjoyed.  

Xander – “it was an amazing experience to run with my team (the A boys relay team) as we worked really well together and encouraged each other all through the race. Even though we were very determined to win we still had fun taking part. We liked it very much. Finishing first out of 14 other boys A teams, I felt overwhelmed. I was really proud to win as I was representing my school.”

Sarah- “I really enjoyed doing this race because I love my sport and I am very competitive and like to win. I felt like we worked well to cheer on our team until the end of the relay race. We won out of our category- the girls A teams- and we were really thrilled. When I was running I was leading by quite a distance.

Thea- “My team worked well together and listened to everybody’s tactics and opinions. Even though we came 3rd, we were still very proud of being in the top three. We were very determined to win but we still congratulated the other teams. I overtook 3 people   near the end but it was still a tight race. It was a very high standard for year 6 so it was hard to carry on to finish race.”

P.E. Lessons

One of our P.E teachers last term was Mr Miller and he did athletics with us. He explained to the sports leaders that our school is amazing at all of our sport and he hopes to see our year sixes carrying on with their sport in high school. Mr Miller also said that he hopes we also carry on coming to the west Lancashire sport competitions.

We hope you enjoyed the interviews of our medal winning teams and our football captain. We hopefully will have more interviews for you when more events soon occur in the school year.

By Xander, Hazel, Daisy and Thea: Sports leaders

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Hello readers. Our sports leaders have also interviewed the year sixes who were in our initiative team last term. They (and a few other people from year 5) went to a forest to take part in a little competition to solve problems and see if they would work together well. We interviewed Isabel and James.

Isabel-“I really enjoyed doing the puzzles as I haven’t been to many events before. I was really excited to go and I was so thrilled to know that our school won out of all of the schools there.”

James- “It was a very good experience as we solved many interesting, fun puzzles and problems. I couldn’t believe that we had come first out of 10 different schools.”

Intra School Competitions

Also, our amazing sports leaders have been running some athletic events for year 3&4. These years competed in their house teams in 4 different categories: speed bounce, javelin, vortex howler and relay. The winners of the y3 event were Ash. The winners of the y4 event were Elm. These two teams have recently received certificates during and the other teams have also received certificates to show that they took part in the event.

Furthermore last term, our other amazing P.E teacher was Mr Coppell. He taught us about American football. He said our school was probably the most sporty school he had ever been to and whilst doing all of our sport we improve a lot. Also Mr Coppell said he loved teaching our school as we were   very well behaved. The sports leaders interviewed some children from other classes and this is what they said about his lessons:


Ellis – it is not my favourite sport but Mr Coppell makes so that it is fun and not boring.

Ruby – he has fun games for us to do every week and if we don’t understand the game, he explains it very well to us.


Ryan - Mr Coppell is a very fun P.E teacher has good game for us to play.

Poppy  – Mr Coppell’s lessons are making my class get better at sports.


Harley – Mr Coppell is good fun and enthusiastic every week we do something different and stuff that we have never tried before.

Lyla – I always look forward to P.E as Mr Coppell is our teacher, we play really fun games.


Kody – Our P.E teacher is fun and I like to play the games he has for us to do.

Renee R– He is always a good influence to people who love sports.

By Xander, Hazel, Daisy and Thea: your sports leaders.

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MORE CC Aughton Sports News

Hello readers. This time on our amazing sports page… We interviewed some people from year 6 who went to an indoor athletics competition at Edge Hill University and did some events including: Speed bounce, javelin, relay, obstacle relay, long jump and throwing.

Milly - “It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed all of the events as they were very thrilling. They were different to the normal events and my favourite event was the over and under which I participated in along with Hannah, Mina and Daisy.”

Ruby - “The events never got boring and the staff always encouraged us to do well. It was fun cheering everyone on during the races. I enjoy doing the races at the event because you push yourself to another level. I was overjoyed to hear we came 3rd out of 15 schools and I am very proud of the sports team from our school.”

William -“As we came 3rd, I was delighted to receive a bronze medal. There were lots of schools and it was tough competition but we managed to end up with a great score overall. I felt we worked well as a team to get third place and I would congratulate Woodlands School as they came 1st out of 15 and they did very well to as every school did well.

Alfie -“I enjoyed it very much because it was amazing, exciting and coming 3rd out of 15 schools was an amazing achievement. We were amazed at the standard of all the schools because it was very high but our score was very good”.

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 More Sports Leaders Events!

Later in the spring term, Thea, Xander Hazel and Daisy will be hosting a year 5/6 athletics event. We don’t know the exact date yet but be sure to remember your P.E kits as you will not want to miss it. There are many fun games and events involved.  We look forward to keeping you informed. 

From your sports leaders: Thea, Daisy, Hazel and Xander.

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