Sports News

Autumn Term Sport Events - 2019/2020

This year our school sports leaders have been taking an important school role in school sport.  Sport and P.E is such an important part of our life at school and all children are involved in so many ways.  To keep you updated about some of the things going on in school, our sports leaders have created this new sports page for our website which will detail some of our events and achievements.  So far this year, they have been busy interviewing people about some of the different events and achievements.   I have been delighted with the confidence and independence shown by our sports leaders so far and would like to thank them for all of their dedication in promoting and supporting school in this way.   Please enjoy reading their reports below.

Mr D Kennedy


Our Sport Leaders - Jessica, Mina, Caleb and Jayden.


Hello and welcome to the brand new sports page for our new year of 2019-2020.

We are still continuing with active break each day to keep our bodies fit and healthy; we are also very excited about the new running track that is going to be fitted very soon!

Over the last term, many students have had the opportunity to participate in sport events that have been extremely fun – thank you to all staff who helped with these (further information to follow).

This school is a big fan of sports which is shown in our P.E skills each and every term with the help of WLSP. In addition, some year 6 leaders have been helping infants with their sports and holding house competitions too.

Stay tuned for more sports news and interviews from teachers and pupils about past and upcoming events.


Spring Term Sport Events 2019/2020

 Sports Hall Event - Edge Hill

This fantastic event was for the year 5/6 children and they competed in a number of different events such as: speed bounce, relays, long jumps, chest push, over and under, throwing and vertically jumping.

We have found some pupils who represented the school in this event:

Year 6 Poppy 

“I felt really excited before the event in case I fell over and came last. My favourite race was the 2 by 1 relay because it wasn’t just me so I didn’t have to race by myself. I found the speed bounce the hardest. At the end, I felt proud and relived that I had finally finished.”

Year 6 Adam

“I felt nervous, but excited about this event. My favourite race was the over and under because it was like you could run really fast and do what you want. I found the triple jump the hardest out of all the ones that I did. When it was all over I felt really happy and relieved that it was over also because I did well.” 

Year 5 Lyla 

“I felt excited bit a teeny bit nervous. One of my favourite event was the speed bounce because it was fun and fast. The one that I personally found the hardest was the chess push because it was just hard. At the end I felt proud of myself because I did well.”

Year 5 Harley 

“I felt nervous about what was going to happen this morning. My favourite out of all the ones that I did was the 4 by 1 relay because it was just really fun. My toughest was probably the standing long jump because it was really hard with all the other kids around me. After everything was done I felt cheerful and accomplished.”

As you can see all of these children are really proud of themselves so try and get your child to go to the next sports event in their class. They all represented our school very well and all the staff were so proud of them.

We will be reporting the next sport event soon.


Bench ball

A few weeks ago, a team of year 5 and 6 children, went to another sports event - Bench ball and they all did very well. We managed to catch two pupils who went to this amazing event, but before we say anything, we’d like to comment that all the staff were really proud of these children for coming 5th out of 11 other schools.

Here are what our amazing pupils had to say:

Lilia - Year 6

“We were winning all of our matches except for one at the end but it was fun even though we lost one. At the end we had won 5-6 rounds which made me very happy in the end.”

Frankie - Year 6

“When I was playing I felt proud that I was actually doing it. Then at the end I started to feel like I have played the best in all my games so I was very proud of myself.”

As you can see our pupils enjoyed themselves in this event and are all very proud of themselves. The teachers are also proud of our star pupils who took part in this event.

Be sure to look on this website soon to see what the children at our school have been up to. We will soon be reporting - until then carry on reading and remember folks… stay active.