Parent Helpers Association

Aughton Christ Church Parent Helpers Association (PHA)
Registered Charity Number 1080535.

Our Parent Helpers Association is run by a small group of parents with the aim to create exciting events for the children of the school and their parents, grandparents and carers.

All of our events succeed due to the fabulous generosity of our school and we want to say a massive thank you.  To all those who help support us at our events by helping with set up, serving teas and coffees or tidying away afterwards, thank you.  We also wouldn't have such wonderful raffles without the thoughtful donations we receive so thank you to all those who have donated a prize in the past, it is so very much appreciated.   Of course, the events wouldn't be what they are without the school children and their families who make the journey back to school to support us.  Thank you to each and every one of you.

For the past few years we have been working tirelessly to raise money for our new school garden, this project has been immensely popular with the children who have all enjoyed the new garden as a place to play or just sit quietly and reflect.  The PHA donated £5000 towards this project last year and are soon to donate a further £600 for a new sensory area within the garden.

Every year we donate £200 per class to cover the costs of a coach on a school trip with the aim to keep costs down for parents.  We donate new outdoor toys each year for the infant and junior playground and purchase the school book bags that the new reception children get in September.  We cover the costs of the infant and junior Christmas parties which all the children love and donate almost £700 to cover the cost of these.  In total, last year we donated £8362.01 to the school and again it's all down to the help and support we receive. 

Our aim this year is to have a calendar of events to suit all ages.  We, of course, couldn't be the PHA without Easter Bingo, the Summer Fair, School Disco's or the newly popular Beetle Drive however we have added new events.  We are holding our first ever Christmas Party at The Aviary in December, a night not to be missed, We have been generously offered the opportunity to hold a Private Hire Christmas Party at the Fun Factor,  there is an adults only Contemporary Christmas Wreath Making Workshop and we are very excited that we have secured an amazing Fashion Show and Clothes Sale in May to purchase current season Spring/ Summer collections from high Street stores at massively reduced prices.

Thank you again to everyone for your continued support. 

Please keep reading the newsletter to keep up to date with all our events and dates, your support is invaluable. 

Thank you to everyone from

All of Aughton Christ Church PHA

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