Performance Data (Assessment Results)

Achievement and Attainment Performance Data

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Key Stage 2 Results 2019
2016 saw the introduction of new higher level assessments for our year 6 children at the end of KS2.  Children are no longer assessed using levels at the end of KS2, instead children are now allocated a scaled score which determines if they have met the new expected standard or not.

Below is our data for 2018/2019 stating the percentages of children which have met the expected standard (EXP +) and those which have met the higher standard (HS).  For Writing, it states which children met the expected standard (EXP +) and those working in greater depth (GD).  Average progress scores are also included in each table.  The last table also shows the percentages of children that achieved the expected standard or a higher standard in reading, writing and maths.


  Reading Test
  %EXP+ % HS Average Scaled Score  Progress
School 87% 61% 109 +5.9
England 73% 27% 104 0


  GPS Test
  % EXP+ %HS Average Scaled Score
School 94% 55% 111
England 78% 36% 106


  %EXP+ %GD Progress
School 90% 45% +5.1
England 78% 20% 0


  % EXP+ % HS Average Scaled Score Progress
School 94% 52% 109 + 5.1
England 79% 27% 105 0


  Combined Reading, Writing and Maths
  % EXP + % HS/GD
School 87% 39%
England 65% 11%


2019/2020 and 2020/2021 no data due to Covid