Membership of the Governing Body 2021/2022

Headteacher: Mr David Kennedy
Chair of the Governing Body: Mr Neil Heyes
Vice-Chair of the Governing Body: Mr Mark Abbott

Governors Name Category of Governor  Appointed by Date of appointment Term of office
Mr Andrew Graham Co-opted Governor Governing Body 10/03/2020  *09/03/2024
Miss Clare Geeson  Staff Governor  Staff 07/06/2021 *06/06/2025
Mrs Heather Croft Co-opted Governor  Governing Body 01/09/2019 *31/08/2023
Mrs Thess Jutla Foundation Governor  Diocesan Board of Education  08/01/2019  *07/01/2023
Mr Neil Hayes Foundation Governor Diocesan Board of Education 02/12/2019 *02/12/2023
Mr R Macleod Parent Governor  Parents 08/10/2018 *07/10/2022
Mrs Debbie Clark Co-opted Governor Governing  Body 31/03/2018 *30/03/2022
Ms A Wormleighton Parent Governor Parents 08/10/2018 *07/10/2022
Mrs J Roberts Parent Governor Parents 08/10/2018 *07/10/2022
Vacancy Parent Governor Parents    
Vacancy Parent Governor Parents    
Rev'd S O'Donoghue Ex-Officio      
Mr David Kennedy Headteacher Governing Body 01/09/2015  
end of 4 year term of office.


Committee Members  2021/2022

Resources and Finance  Standards and Effectiveness  Headteacher Appraisal  Pay Committee
Mr Neil Heyes (Chair) TBA (Chair) TBA Mr Neil Heyes
Mrs Debbie Clark Mrs Heather Croft Mr Mark Abbott Mrs Deb Clark
Mr Andy Graham Ms Anna Wormleighton Mr Neil Heyes  Mrs Jenny Roberts
Mrs Jenny Roberts Mrs Thess Jutla    
Mr Mark Abbott Rev'd S O'Donoghue    
 Mr Rob McLeod Miss Clare Geeson    


Register of Interest 2020/2021

Governors Name  Declared  Interest
Non Declared  


Governors Name  Relationship with Staff Declared Interest
Non Declared



            Governors Name                                                                      Declared Business Interest

                Non Declared


             Governors Name                                                                      Declared Financial Interest

                Non Declared


Former Governors 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020 & 2020/2021

Governors Name Category Date/ Appointed Term of Office Date Stood Down
Mrs Hannah Povey  Parent Governor   02/10/2011  4 Years 01/10/2015
Mr Andrew Lake Community Governor 03/07/2012 4 Years 02/07/2016
Mr Nick Greer Parent Governor 12/03/2014 2 Years 09/09/2016
Dr J Craig Parent Governor 28/09/2015 1 Year 28/11/2016
Mr N Frackelton Parent Governor 28/09/2015 3 Years 21/03/2018
Rev. R Moughtin Ex-Officio 08/11/2017 1 Year 08/05/2018
Mrs Sarah Ferreira Parent Governor 16/11/2015 3 Years 31/08/2018
Mr David Price Foundation Governor 02/10/2015 3 Years 31/08/2018
Dr David Dennison Foundation Governor 03/11/2015 4 Years 11/06/2019
Miss Rachel Ironside Parent Governor 20/03/2017 4 Years 19/03/2021
Mr Stuart Jackson Chair 30/08/2017 4Years 31/08/2021


Clerk to the Governing Body 

Fiona Clague

Governing Body Adviser

Governor Services South Team

Lancashire County Council


Tel. 01257 517087

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