In February 2019 Mr Kennedy and Miss Geeson visited Uganda with a group of teachers, doctors and youth workers from other parts of the UK.  This visit was to develop international work with Koch Goma Primary School in Uganda.  The charity Edukid who have years of experience in leading and developing international projects led the visit and facilitated our school link with Koch Goma Primary School in Gulu.   

As part of the visit, Mr Kennedy and Miss Geeson had the opportunity to teach lessons in the school, make home visits to the homes of the children and their families at the school.  They were also able to work with the teachers to learn about the education system in place in Uganda and learn valuable lessons from each other including celebrating the diversity of our world.    These opportunities also allowed an insight into the many challenges that exist in Gulu.   

Upon Return to school, Mr Kennedy and Miss Geeson led assemblies with the whole school about the visit and worked with the school council to decide the different ways we can work with our partner school.    Initially, our children have decided to sponsor 8 children to go to school in Gulu so they can have the same opportunities that we have in our school.  The school Council will continue to work together on projects to raise funds to support these children through their education.    It is clear from all of this work that is only through working together as a global community that we will create a better World for all of our children’s future.  A world which is tolerant, empathetic and equal. 


The children have already raised £2032.72 to support our sponsored children in Uganda.

It costs £25 a month for a child to be able to go to school in Uganda, and with the money we have raised so far we have enabled our sponsored children to attend school for 10 months.

Each class has their own sponsored child whom they have started to learn about and as a school/class we can directly help these children to continue to go to school and gain an education. Quite literally, as a school, and with your help, we can personally take children living in difficult conditions, with little or no family, and help transform their lives so they are able to support themselves and their wider family/community.

We are helping the children to regularly attend Koch Goma Primary School in Gulu, Uganda.

Koch Goma Primary School is in Gulu, Uganda. It has 747 children on role – 375 girls and 372 boys.

Classes range from K1 (age 3) to P7 (ages 15 to 16). There are 15 teachers including the Head teacher and the Deputy. 2 teachers are paid by the parents and 13 are paid by their government.

The challenges the school face

  • Class sizes range from 40 – 100 children.
  • The school have not enough teachers.
  • Classrooms have little resources.
  • There are not enough toilets.
  • Children have to pay to be educated.
  • Children have to walk to school – some live miles away.
  • Some children do not have any parents or guardians – they live alone with their siblings.
  • Children with disabilities are vulnerable.




So far the children have raised money by coming to school in their own clothes, making Ugandan themed items and selling them at the school summer fair, organising collections at events like The Wizard of Orm, nativity plays and carol services.

We would like to offer our thanks for your continuing support, together we can make a difference.