School Council 2023/2024

Every year a new school council is elected to represent the children at council meetings. The school council is made up of children from each year group.

The job of the school council is to listen to ideas from other children in the school and to pass these on to the Teacher Representatives when they are discussed at regular meetings held within school.

                                                 Our school council for 2023/2024 


Reception  Penelope  Archie
Year 1 Cara Jude
Year 2 Ella Seb
Year 3 Sophia Jake
Year 4 Iris Brady
Year 5 Annabel Jacob
Year 6 Eirian   Eli Matthew   Ethan


2023 - 2024


Posted 22/01/24

Our council members met again today to discuss recycling in our school. They have come up with the following ways we can recycle in our school under the areas of recycle, reuse and reduce. This week they will be feeding back to teachers and their classes about the below ideas.


• Don’t use plastic bags on school trips. Use a box or bag
• Have a waste paper section in the photocopying room for Reception to use
• A handwriting and whiteboard care home for pens that are nearly out of life, but still might have some life left
• Don’t throw away old PE/school uniforms. Gift them to somebody else

• In UKS2 use less sheets for work. Draw tables and boxes for writing
• Think about where you are drawing/cutting out on the paper/card – can it be used again?
• Stick over mistakes with white sticky labels, rather than starting work again.

• Have recycling bins for plastic and cardboard that we can take to the tip
• Use the school’s battery bin (in the office)

Our next meeting will look at tackling recycling at home and in the community.

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Posted 24/11/23

Our new whole school council met for the first time today to discuss our action plan for the next few months.

Firstly, we introduced ourselves to each other and learnt how important it was being in the council. We then wasted no time in discussing our first plan of action: recycling in schools.

The council were shocked to learn that our school is unable to use different coloured bins for recycling. We decided that it would be a great idea if we had a few recycling bins of our own around school and Mr Swift could take these to the recycling centre on a Friday. After a tour around school of where these bins would go, we then wrote an email to Mr Kennedy requesting a meeting in which we would discuss the purchasing of new recycling bins.

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2022 - 2023

Posted 17/04/23


We are pleased to announce our new courtyard area is now open.

Today our school council and head pupils officially opened our new courtyard. We are so pleased with it and the council are already planning on how classes can use this space in the summer term - how exciting!

A massive thank you to the council and previous year 6 pupils who planned the design, the PHA who have supported this project and Dan and his dad, Pete, who completed the magical transformation.

*   *   *   *   *

Posted 03/03/23

Today our School Council visited Ormskirk Council Chambers and had the opportunity to meet the Mayor and discuss many things including environmental issues.

The work of our school council really highlights the importance we place on the British Value of democracy in our school and the children have really enjoyed their purposeful role in our school development this year.

*   *   *   *   *


It has been an exciting week for our School Council and Worship Warriors who took part in a Zoom meeting with children from the school we sponsor in Uganda. The children really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the children in Uganda.

All the children were amazing,

*   *   *   *   *

Update 14/11/22

Good morning all,

I'm pleased to announce that our courtyard project, led by the school council, has been given the go ahead to start.

We are expecting work to commence during Easter on Monday 3rd April. If all goes to plan, your children will experience an additional outside area to learn within our developing school grounds (see plan attached).

A massive thank you to the PHA who have raised money over the years and supported this project - without them this would not be possible.

Many thanks

Mr Swift

*   *   *   *   *

Update 10/10/22

Good afternoon everybody,

Today was our first council meeting and we had a busy agenda to discuss.

We introduced ourselves to one another and quickly got down to business, discussing the plans for the courtyard, potential fund raising opportunities and a future Christmas jumper swap to help the environment.

The councillors are very eager and will be feeding back to their classes about the points raised.

Many thanks
Mr Swift

*   *   *   *   *


Garden Project Update - May 2017

The School Council put some finishing touches to our new garden area today. With the help from our landscape workers who have been constructing our new garden, the children began the planting for a wild flower area. The garden will hopefully soon be blooming with colour, once the seeds begin to grow.

The children sowed the seeds and watered the ground and have been given the responsibility of the up-keep of this area over the coming weeks. The children are excited to see the garden begin to take more shape over the summer months and years ahead. 

Again we would like to extend our thanks to Newground for helping us with this project and also to the amazing fundraising that the PHA have organised along with the help of our school community.

This year our school council have been working very hard in helping to transform part of our playing field into a new garden.

New School Garden-Progress Update - February 2017
We are delighted that our new school garden is well underway. During half term the main grounding was put in to transform the area. Last term the School Council discussed names for the paths in the new garden area with all the children in school. On the very last Friday, they voted for the paths to be named ‘Friendship Footpath’ and ‘Peaceful Pathway’ and we are waiting for the archways to be installed. Another job the school council will be carrying out is to think of a name for the garden area this term.

The School Council have met with the builders this week and discussed the project so far. They have also met with the architect, Louise, to discuss the next phase of the development.

Once again, a huge thank you to our PHA who have worked so hard to raise the funds to make this project possible. Thank you also to our Year 6 children who raised £83.15 writing, producing and selling the February edition of “CC News”.