Year 6 visit to The Quarry

Despite the rain Year 6 had a great morning at the quarry. The children were absolutely - it was a nice taster of what Tower Wood might be like.

In English, Year 6 are looking at detective and crime stories and are planning and writing their own stories.  For inspiration from the outdoors the children walked down to the Quarry in Aughton to help them. 

After arriving at the quarry the children were faced with some strange goings on… As they approached a certain part of the quarry they were met with a crime scene. Had a crime been committed? Who committed the crime? Was it Razor Eyed Rufus? Dynamo? or Cherry Crimson? These were the questions year 6 were faced with. The children were given the chance to examine the evidence and think about what could have happened at this scene!

This trip was planned to help the children’s imagination in planning stories. Once back in school the children were able to develop their stories from what they had seen, heard and their experiences from the morning!