Year 6 Visit to Liverpool

On Friday 15th March, Year 6 went on a trip to Liverpool, designed to enhance their learning of the topic ‘Ferry Across the Mersey’.

As the children approached the city centre by train they observed the old dock buildings. After a short walk down to the Pier Head the children embarked on a cruise on the River Mersey, stopping at Birkenhead and Woodside, before observing the spectacular view of the Liverpool waterfront as they returned to the terminal.

After having lunch at the Liverpool Musuem the children had the opportunity to explore the Great Port looking at the development of the dock system and its impact on city infrastructure and employmen. It explores how the city expanded due to the opportunities of the Industrial Revolution and development of world trade. The museum was very interactive as well as informative!

Year 6 also had the chance to take part in an interactive classroom based session looking at the imports and exports from the port of Liverpool.

All the children had a brilliant day learning more about the history of Liverpool.