Year 6 Residential - Tower Wood

Year 6 arrived safely as they started their week long residential at Tower Wood in the Lake District.

The children took part in many activities:-

  • Building canoe rafts, travelling across the lake to Blake Holme Island and exploring the island and even having a game of hide and seek.This gave the children the chance to develop their skills of navigating a raft through games and enjoyed the ride back to Tower Wood as the wind pushed them along and enjoying a nice swim at the end.
  • Exploring a cave system and quarry, as well as being an adventure into the rocks, the journey helped them learn about the mining history of the Lake District and the local environment
  • Another fantastic adventure was they explored a river through ghyll scrambling looking at different features of a river such as water falls and plunge pools - jumping in them certainly brings learning to life!
  • A full adventure day was undertaken - a journey that the children had planned back in school. The journey took them over a local fell and down to end of Lake Windermere giving the children an opportunity to canoe back to Tower Wood. They certainly put their navigation skills to good use! 

The evenings were just as busy as they explored the grounds of Tower Wood through orienteering, played a searching game around the grounds, enjoyed skimming stones from the beach, watched the sun go down at night over the amazing beach and much more.

One evening Sarah and Jackie made the journey, who in the evening led our reflective time on the beach before skimming stones and watched the sun set. Finally, on the last night the children had an amazing camp fire in the evening before enjoying the last sunset over Windermere.

All the children had a wonderful time showing amazing attitudes and big smiles in their approach to everything!