Year 5 visit to Liverpool

Year 5  have had a fantastic day in Liverpool today, looking at the influence the Ancient Greeks had on Liverpool. After arriving at Moorfields, they walked down Dale Street and Castle Street tallying up the Greek pillars! There were many! Year 5 then walked to the World Museum and sketched some Ionic and Corinthian pillars.

Before visiting the World Museum, the children had lunch with a view on top of Central Libraries.It was great to visit the Aquarium, particularly as we read about lifecycles of some of the fish and amphibians. We also visited the 'Jungle', which was a good preview of our Rainforest topic.

The children were absolutely amazing. Their behaviour was outstanding, both on the train and in Liverpool with numerous compliments from members of the public and staff on the train They were a real credit to our school - well done Year 5!