Year 5 Visit to Liverpool

On Monday 2nd March Year 5 had a very enjoyable, fun packed day.

The day began by the children boarding the train to Liverpool and walking down to the waterfront to view ‘HMS Prince of Wales Aircraft Carrier’ which is moored at the quayside. This very impressive ship wowed the children! Did you know that the ship’s flight deck is 70 metres wide and is as long as 3 football pitches (280 metres)? Or that the ship has the ability to move 500 miles a day.

After a short stroll, Year 5 arrived at The Apple Store in Liverpool One. As part of Computing, the children were invited to take part in a Live Field Trip within the store. They were introduced to some apps and were given the opportunity to code using an app called Hello Byte. To finish this session the children were put in groups to use ‘Sphero’ which is a robotic ball and is used to teach children the basics of coding.

We then walked to the World Museum and tallied the different Greek pillars. Following a picnic lunch, the children studied the architecture around William Brown Street, paying particular attention to the Greek pillars which surrounded them. Whilst the sun was out, the children sketched while observing the influence of the Greeks on our city.   

Year 5 returned to school having had the opportunity to look at the history of Liverpool, take part in a live computer lesson and develop their art skills by sketching the surrounding pillars.