Year 5 Victorian Day

On Wednesday 8h December, Year 5 children had a busy day in bringing what they have learnt in their topic of ‘The Victorians – Food Glorious Food’ to life!

The children arrived at school dressed up as a Victorian child. During the morning they re-enacted what it would have been like if they had gone to school in the Victorians times. The children have been absolutely amazing and have really played their part well! We spent the morning at a Victorian school, learning the 4 Rs! Left-handers weren't allowed and we learnt to write on slate. If our work wasn't good enough, we were punished in the Victorian way! All the children had to follow classroom rules such as not speaking unless you are spoken to and stand when a teacher walked into the room.

Throughout the morning the children did some poetry reciting, writing and arithmetic using chalk and slates and chanting times tables. In these lessons only the best was good enough!

Our PE lesson saw us playing some Victorian games and learning some skipping rhymes. We then made gruel and oatcakes. Some children even asked for more!!

All the children enjoyed the experience of the day!