Year 5 Class Assembly and Save the Rainforest Day

Today saw Year 5 perform their class assembly to their parents, grandparents and the rest of the school. Not only did they put on a superb assembly they also arranged a ‘Save the Rainforest Day!’

The assembly was based around what the children have leant over the past year, the Greeks, the Victorians and the Rainforest. As the audience sat back in a land far far away, far beyond our planet Earth, past Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, there lived a pension of aliens on planet Pluto. It was just a typical Saturday night when the terrible news of discovering that their planet had been demoted.... to a dwarf planet. To take their minds of this news they decided to watch some good old television - Britains's Got Talent!

Throughout the assembly the children showed off their talents with some fantastic acting and singing with some superb signing. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and the children found a great way of passing on the knowledge they have built up about the topics they have studied this year.

We would like to thank Mrs Frackelton and Mrs Croft for all their hard work in putting this assembly together.  

Following their assembly the children in Year 5 set up all their event stations for 'Save the Rainforest Day'. These included running races, selling cakes, Hit the Target, Beat the Goalie and many more. During the day the rest of the school were given the opportunity to take part in the events.

The children played a fantastic part in organising the day showing a great level of maturity and enthusiasm throughout. Mrs Frackelton was delighted with how the children organised and ran the various events for the rest of the school!

All the great ideas for the day were generated by Year 5 who wanted to raise money for the Land for Life who look after indigenous people within the Amazon Rainforest.

Well done to all the children!