Year 3 Visit to Tatton Park

Year 3 have had a wonderful day at Tatton taking part in different living history activities.

We imagined we were stone age hunter gatherers and we built shelters using wood and animal skin and then we learnt how life changed for Neolithic farmers and we had a go at using wattle and daub to build a house.

Our next activity involved learning about about the importance of fire for people living in the stone age and we found out how stone age people created fire out of sparks using flint or by using a bow drill to create friction. We experimented with both and found the bow drill was really hard and it would have taken a lot of skill for stone age people to make fire.

Our third activity involved exploring changes in food across the stone age period, from hunting and gathering in the Paeolithic and Mesolithic Periods to Neolithic farmers growing their own crops. We had a go at grinding corn into flour and took part in an experimental archaeological dig to see which tools we thought would be best for farming.

The children impressed all the team at Tatton with their fantastic knowledge of Prehistoric Britain and also with their amazing behaviour.