Year 3 Trip to Ribchester

On Tuesday 14th June, Year 3 visited the roman museum in Ribchester to see a Roman settlement and hear what life was like then.

The trip was designed to help bring to life the work that Year 3 have been doing on the Romans over the past few weeks. In the morning Patrick, the curate from the museum, talked about Roman life, they handled some real Roman artefacts and tried on Roman armour and thought about what life as a Roman Soldier in Ribchester would have been like. 

After all that hard work, it was time for lunch, they had a lovely picnic sat looking at the river and considering why the Romans had built a fort in Ribchester.

After lunch, the children visited the museum and drew artefacts that interested them and told them more about life in the Roman Fort.

Finally, they went outside to look at the Roman remains of the granaries and then to the Roman baths where the children enjoyed pretending to be Romans enjoying a session at the bathhouse.

Everyone really enjoyed the trip and the children learnt lots of new and interesting facts about the Romans.