Year 1 & 2 Nativity

It certainly felt like Christmas in school this week when Year 1 and Year 2 performed their nativity play, ‘Everybody Loves a Baby’. 

The Christmas story was told with an air of excitement as the children retold the story of a miracle that came to Bethlehem. At a Bethlehem inn, six children live with their parents – a kind innkeeper and his wife, who have just had a new baby. But the children aren’t too keen on the new addition. They’d rather have a dog, a donkey, or even a camel! Heading off to see their friend, the children discover news of a special baby about to be born… baby Jesus.

The Nativity was accompanied by some wonderful acting and singing and superb narration by Year 2.

A packed audience of mums, dads, grandparents and friends thoroughly enjoyed a great performance. A massive thank you must go to all the children who showed off all their talents - we are extremely proud of all the children!