Wizard of Orm!

After months of learning parts, dance routines and songs our drama club production of ‘The Wizard of Orm’ took place on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th July in the Ministry Centre.

Our musical was set in Ormsville where our main character Dorothy had been sent to live with her Aunty Em and Uncle Henry, whilst her parents were working at Pontins in Costa del Southport. She was unhappy and wished to be “somewhere over the rainbow,” however, after a bad storm, she found herself in The Land of Orm where she travelled to find the Great Wizard of Orm to help her find her way home. On her way she encountered many interesting characters, including Scarecrows, Lions, Tin Men, Witches, Munchkins and many more.

Written and produced by Mrs Chapple with technical support by Mrs Brewer, our version of 'The Wizard of Orm' was a huge team effort involving many of our junior children who attend drama club. The children who were involved were all amazing and held the audience mesmerised with their acting, singing and dancing.

The biggest thank you must go to all the cast for their incredible dedication and hard work and we sadly say goodbye to our year 6 members who we are sure will continue with their acting and performing as they move into high school.