Reception Nativity

This week saw our Reception class taking their first steps on the stage as they retold the special story of ‘The Nativity’ to the tunes of favourite nursery rhymes.

Throughout the performance there was some superb acting and beautiful singing.  The children sang songs such as 'Special News' sung to the tune of London Bridge, 'Walk, Hop, Skip, Jump and Dance' to the tune of Hickory Dickory Clock, ''Jesus was Born in a Stable to the tune of See-Saw Marjory Daw, 'Three Wise Men' to the tune of Hot Cross Bun and many more.

It was quite clear from the children’s performance they really enjoyed themselves, as did the audience. Well done Reception - we certainly have some budding actors!

A special thank you to our narrators, Oscar and Penny from Year 5 who did a fantastic job.