Ninja Warrior Day

In Year 4, we understand the importance of having a healthy mindset and positive attitude to life and learning. A day was dedicated to enhancing well-being, mindsets and health. Our day began by taking time to reflect and appreciate what makes us all individuals and unique. It can sometimes be hard to identify and celebrate our strengths but by talking and sharing ideas we could all create a poster explaining why we are special.

Then it was onto team building. We had lots of different activities to complete and we realised very early on in the session that team work was the only way to success. We all agreed that the word ‘team’ stands for ‘together everyone achieves more’.

The afternoon brought great excitement with the arrival of Ninja Warrior winner, Jonny Urszuly. Jonny was truly inspirational and taught us lots about working hard, resilience and perseverance. Jonny set up an incredible ninja warrior course that we all completed and special challenges to find the ‘last kid standing’. We finished the afternoon by asking Jonny questions and getting autographs signed.

A great day was had by all and it was lovely to see the whole class working together and cheering everyone on!