How we teach Phonics at Aughton Christ Church C.E. Primary School

At Aughton Christ Church, we teach phonics using the government recommended programme called, ‘Letters and Sounds’.

‘Letters and Sounds’ is a fast paced, clearly progressed phonic programme that takes children through six phases.

Children progress through the phases at different speeds. In order to make this learning relevant to all children, we have grouped them according to the phase they are at.

Phonics is taught in daily twenty minute sessions. A variety of short activities make up these sessions.

In Reception we also use Jolly Phonics materials to support this. 

Below is a list of the different sounds and tricky words your child will be taught at each learning phase.

In Phase 2 children will be practising blending sounds for reading and learning to read tricky words. Children will be given spellings to learn and practise from Phase 3 – 6. 

If you require any further information please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Phase 1:
Children are encouraged to listen to sounds in their environment. 
Ask your child questions e.g. ‘What can you hear? How do you know?’

Phase 2:
The following sounds are taught...

Set 1: s a t p

Set 2: i n m d

Set 3: g o c k

Set 4: ck e u r

Set 5: h b f,ff l,ll ss 

         The children learn one set per week and are taught to blend sounds as they learn them.


Phase 3:
Set 6: j v w x

Set 7: y z,zz qu 

The following graphemes are taught...

                      ch sh th (as in that) th (as in think)

ng (as in strong) ai(as in paid) ee (as in week) igh (as in night)

oa (as in coat) oo (as in wood) oo (as in moon) ar (as in car)

 or(as in torn) ur (as in turn) ow (as in cow) oi (as in coin)  ear

(as in ear) air (as in air) ure (as in sure) er (as in her)  

Phase 4:
Children are taught to blend and segment a variety of words, shown below

Consonant Vowel Consonant Consonant words eg. Tent

CCVC words eg. Frog

CCVCC words eg. Crisp

CCCVCC words eg. Shrink

Phase 5:
Children are taught the alternative spellings for the sounds they learned in Phase 3.

ay day oy boy wh when a-e make ou out ir girl ph photo e-e these ie tie ue blue ew new i-e like ea eat aw saw oe toe o-e home au Paul u-e rule

Teaching alternative sounds for spellings: i fin, find

ow cow, blow y yes, by, very o hot, cold ie tie, field

ch chin, school, chef c cat, cent ea eat, bread ou

out, shoulder, could, you

g got, giant er farmer, her u but,

put (south) a hat, what

Phase 6
Mainly concerns itself with teaching spelling.

  • We look at how to use and spell past tense words 
  • We learn rules to help us make correct spelling choices  
  • We learn how to add suffixes eg, ed, ing, ly, est, ful, s, es,            
  • We learn how to proof read. 

Some useful websites for all phonics phase games can be found at: