Drama Club 04/02/19

There will be no drama club this week (Tuesday 5th February) due to book club.

Weather Notice 30/01/19

As part of our ongoing emergency planning, and in the current weather conditions, we wish to remind all parents of our unavoidable school closure procedures. As a fundamental principle, every effort will be made to keep school open, however, in the event of an emergency, we may have to close school due to unavoidable circumstances. In this event, all families will be contacted wherever possible by message and the school website will also announce the decision. Please check the website and avoid ringing the school to enquire if we are closing as we will need to keep the phone lines open to make any necessary arrangements and avoid further disruption.

Where no updates have been provided, please assume school is open as normal. 

We ask all parents to consider these key points to consider for severe weather:

  • Single identified access point to the building. In the event of ice and snow, the only point of entry will be the main entrance at the front of school. Please note the back gate will remain closed.
  • Ensure appropriate footwear and clothing is worn for the weather conditions on the day.
  • Allow enough time to consider the difficult conditions for any journey to school.

We always hope that weather does not cause disruption, however we hope reminding you of procedures will be helpful to parents.