Year 3 Stone Age Day

Year 3 had a very enjoyable day on Friday thinking about what they have been learning in their topic the Stone Age.

Throughout the morning the children joined in many different activities. In History they looked at how food changed over a period of time. The children prepared and cooked savoury dishes from Mesa Lithic, Neolithic Bronze Age and Ice Age periods, using a range of cooking techniques. In Design Technology, they learnt how and where a variety of ingredients used within the prehistoric period were grown, reared and caught.  

After lunch the children had a ‘Forces of Nature’ afternoon. They learnt how volcanoes are formed and made 3D volcanoes using papier mache. As part of the WOW science they worked in pairs to see which ingredients would react together and cause their volcanoes to erupt.

In Art, the children explored the work of, Margaret Godfrey, and created a volcano picture using her technics.

All the children had a very exciting day showing a real interest in gaining a better knowledge of the Stone Age.